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A government inspector, Andrew Doyle, came out from London to try to follow up on some of the children.

He travelled across Canada for 6 months in 1875 and found many worrying cases of neglect and abuse.

Although the Canadian experience does not seem to have been so uniformly awful as that of UK children sent en masse to Australia, there nevertheless is enough evidence of hardship to warrant a large-scale hearing into the case.

Canadian farmers needed labour to be able to continue clearing and cultivating the land; it was massively labour intensive.I've written more about Annie Macpherson here: 6 minutes of me on the radio talking about the British Home Children: Last week Gordon Brown re-involved himself in the issue of UK child emigrants to Australia.More on that here:: petitition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is here: https:// Below is a sample of the information I took from Notebooks B/77 and B/80 in the Booth Archives at the London School of Economics.The notebooks are the combined work of Reverend Arthur Osborne Jay of Holy Trinity, Old Nichol Street, and his curate, Rupert St Leger, who did the original door-knocking and questioning, using Charles Booth’s own questionnaire.The surveying was undertaken in the Old Nichol slum, East London, between February 1889 and March 1890.

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