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Philly and Voter Fraud Some of you will point to the 2012 Presidential election, in which President Obama received 100% of the votes in 59 Philadelphia area "divisions." That is damning evidence of voter fraud, argue some. The Philadelphia Inquirer took a close look and discovered that these divisions were almost exclusively black and Democrat.

So wouldn't it be possible to remotely hack into electronic voting machines and either alter results or cause systems to crash? At a recent news conference, Secretary of State Pedro A. They have no blue tooth that would permit someone to access them from outside the polling place.

Third, assuming that someone could break into each machine, add votes for one of the candidates and then reseal the machine without detection, it would still be impossible to rig an election without inside collusion.

You see, each polling place maintains a numbered list of voters.

Ideally, that numbered list should match the number of votes cast on the machines throughout the day.

But if someone added 500 Clinton or Trump voterson the voting machine, there would be a major discrepancy with what appears on that numbered list.

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