Backdating health insurance

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There's usually a spot right on the term life insurance application to request such an action.

As with all issues regarding the technicalities of term life options, we recommend that you run your situation through us as licensed life insurance agents to make sure it's the right move.

As Expert Life Insurance Advisors, we're here to help at 800-710-0455 or by email.

You can also run your instant term life quote here: The biggest issue may be the term life insurance rate that you are charged.

Most health insurance plans do not automatically include supplemental coverage such as Dental.For example, let's say a person is 39 and 9 months old and the carrier is applying the nearest age approach to designating his/her life insurance premiums. I have to be honest, this insurance stuff was making me so nervous.If we go based solely on his application date, the rate will be based on age 40. Thank you again for your assurance" "Anyway, I hope you got some time off this past week! If there is any way I can contact supervisors to let them know about your great service let me know" "Wow, I can't thank you guys enough for your help...However, if you’re self-employed, between jobs or work for a company that doesn’t offer coverage, you need to purchase your own personal insurance policy.In either case, the good news is that you can no longer be denied coverage because of a preexisting condition, or charged a higher premium because of your gender.

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