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Apart from this figure, the ages of eight women, 50 men and 58 other prisoners aren’t known.

Hundreds of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and PAJK (Kurdistan Women's Freedom Party) prisoners in a dozen of prisons have been on indefinite hunger strike for 29 days to protest against the isolation policies on PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan.

81 thousand 672 are at the age range of 21-39, while 1,529 are at the age range of 65-79.

Among the prisoners in 418 prisons, 78 are at the age of above 80.

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The bitter hope of the families of thousands of people who disappeared in the 1990s in the region is that a bone fragment found belongs to one that went missing two decades ago.

The skulls were unearthed during restoration work being carried out in the area, but they resulted in wider excavations for more bones and skulls. They want to know that people will not be taken from their homes by JİTEM operatives to be tortured and left to die on a riverside.

The gendarmerie building, which is housed inside a larger military complex, was used as JİTEM headquarters. Observers say that JİTEM has played a major role in making the Kurdish question in Turkey what it is today. They want to know that their villages will not be set on fire again.

Deterioration in several prisoners' health conditions have already been reported whilst human rights organisations warn about the probability of worsening of the situation unless the prisoners' demands are accepted.

The hunger strike continues in a dozen of F Type prisons including those Erzurum, Bitlis, Siirt, Samsun, İstanbul, Mardin, İskenderun, Hatay, Adana, Trabzon, Bingöl, Batman, Mersin, Antep, Giresun, Rize, Sincan, Ankara, İnebolu, Kırklareli, Bayburt, Amasya and Karaman.

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