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Dies during a shootout, after being shot by Joe Scully, Jr. Son of Maria Sanchez and Lorenzo Alcazar, raised thinking Maria is his sister to hide him from his father. Comes to Port Charles to seek revenge for his brother's death, and remains always at war with Sonny Corinthos. A mentor to many young residents whom she rented rooms to at Kelly's. Moves home to Bensonhurst in 2006, but returns to Port Charles in 2010. Dies in her sleep in 1999, leaving Kelly's to Bobbie and Luke. Leaves town again in 2011 to pursue a singing career. It also broadens the definition of "intimate partner" to include a dating partner or former dating partner.Additionally, the bill expands the categories of prohibited persons (i.e., persons barred from receiving or possessing a firearm) to include persons who have been convicted of: (1) a misdemeanor crime of stalking, or (2) a crime involving conduct that would have been stalking if committed within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

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