Adult sissy girl dating

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His sobbing is due to a very sore bottom, for which I take credit foróalthough to be fair, my favorite wooden paddle should also take some of the credit too.

I'm not sure what it was that finally sent Bobby over the edge today.

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He was quick to brag about how much money he had inherited and sure enough, he proved to be a big spender in the time we were together.Up to that point, I had forbidden him any kind of sexual contact between us, beyond a peck on the cheek, which had the effect of making him very eager to consummate our wedding.However, on our wedding night, I told him I had other ideas in mind about our first night of sex and he nearly fainted when I introduced him to my eight inch strap-on dildo.I wanted him to be absolutely clear on what I meant and expected.Of course, he readily agreed to these conditions but I don't think even he knew quite what was in store for him.

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