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People on the street can now also solicit prescription drugs and illegal drugs for sale, strip clubs encourage a “hands on” policy with its strippers, and tequila is dirt cheap. If you're visiting just one day from San Diego, you can leave your credit cards elsewhere unless you need them to hotel reservation. You don't have to change the currency to Mexican pesos. There has been stories about working girls who have robbed all the valuables from the customers room in just a few minutes when the client has been showering after sex.It's safer to go one of the famous strip clubs and have sex in one of the venue's private rooms.If you're spending night on a strip club or a brothel in Tijuana, make sure you know the prices of the drinks and sex services before ordering anything.Local prostitutes and other business providers in Tijuana know that tourists are bringing a lot of money to the city, so usually they don't do anything stupid which could harm the image of the city's safety.But most of them are unreliable if they will see an opportunity to steal your belongings etc. Tijuana is usually not a very dangerous city if you're not too drunk or acting like a monkey.There are lots of escorts working in Tijuana, but tourists usually like to go and have some fun in the strip clubs and brothels.

If taking a taxi, which is recommended, ask for the Zona Norte, not Zona Rota, or Avelitas.The city has grown from a small border town with a salacious reputation during the Prohibition Era in the United States into a large, modern city with a sizable middle class and ever expanding housing estates.Tijuana's proximity to the United States, along with Rosarito, has made the two adjacent cities a very popular tourist destination, especially for day-trippers from San Diego.The driver may not know what you mean if you give the name of a club.A ride from the border to red-light area shouldn't cost more than 5 USD. Also be prepared for a long wait for border crossing on the way back to the US, unless you have the GOES card, and if you have the GOES card make sure you have it activated.

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